Segment: Science and Research

This group is different from other audiences, as it represents individuals with whom LWA conducts a business relationship with (contracting research), rather than and Adoption relationship. Consequently, it should be treated differently.

Uses research findings to influence and guide new research, research priorities, or through synthesis.

Because information about research is quite different from the adoptable learning’s resulting from research, this group should be communicated with separately from other groups.


  1. Private researchers and consultants
  2. Government and academic researchers
  3. Government data agencies
  4. Land & Water Australia researchers (current, past, potential)
  5. Tertiary and Postgraduate students


Usually, research and funding news relating to a specific program or subject area, but also research strategy, calls for funding and other administrative material.

Potential Methods of Engagement

  • eNewsletters
  • RSS Feeds
  • Conferences
  • Scientific Journals
  • “For Researchers” Portal on LWA Websites
  • Program Websites