Segment: Influencers and Decision Makers


Managers, politicians and other decision makers and leaders. This group tends to be quite similar across sectors.


Their role is predominantly decision making/guiding/finding resources/spending money. They rely on the subject specialists in their team to come up with the answers to the problems their organisations have to manage. They require sufficient information to know when their subject specialists are doing the right thing.

This group will also often working at a high-level thinking/strategy level, however they may be unable to consider this activity in their day-to-day work. The strategy and thinking will often be done at specific times of the year, facilitated through special sessions or discussion (including conferences, strategy workshops etc).


They are time-poor and increasingly turn to the internet to get fast, subject-specific information to support decision making processes. They are likely to take the advice of their staff on important issues, and often their own specialist subject is “institutional knowledge”, or how their own organisation works.

They will reference internal policy and guidelines, summary briefs (both internally generated and from news or specialist sources), daily newspapers and magazines.

They are increasingly unlikely to use libraries and information repositories, corporate magazines, scientific journals and annual reports, or other information-heavy documents.

Potential Methods of Engagement

  • eNewsletters
  • Conferences
  • Events specifically targeted at the executive level