Segment: Farmers and Landholders


  1. Farmers including growers, graziers and mixed farming
  2. Non-farming Landholders


Farmers and landholders require practical, on-the-ground approaches to sustainable land management. They do not use research findings specifically, but the knowledge or tools derived from that research.

Irrigation, Climate Variability, Weed management, Soil, Mixed farming, Salinity, River and Waterway management

Potential Methods of Engagement

  • Demonstration Sites and Field Days
  • Workshops
  • Rural Press & Regional Radio
  • LWA Web Portal for Landholders & Farmers
  • Landcare and Production Groups
  • Industry bodies (e.g. National Farmers Federation)
  • Participatory research


Communicating with this group is likely to be difficult, compared with most other segments, and it is worth considering whether another channel is more efficient, such as Agricultural Extension or Community Engagement.