Your K&A plan is a critical component in turning knowledge into practice.

You need to complete a K&A plan as part of your early project milestones. Activities listed in the K&A plan will need to be reported against milestone reports. The K&A plan is considered an iterative document which may change over time, once submitted.

It is expected that the research team will undertake the majority of the work to implement a K&A plan and that activities undertaken will be funded from the project budget.

The programme in which your project sits will be responsible for the broader K&A work including synthesis work across projects, to which you might contribute.

The extent of your K&A plan and implementation will depend upon a number of considerations including:

  • your total budget size
  • the research topic
  • the geographic location
  • the relevant stakeholders
  • the project team's skills
  • the program level K&A plan.

Support is available from Land & Water Australia's Knowledge and Adoption Officers and Program Coordinators.

K&A plan template guidelines

The K&A plan template guidelines and the template are designed as a guide, not a rulebook. These guidelines will help you with writing your K&A plan.

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